How to get the order of More than 200,000 USD LED Screen?

We Just finished the order from Sri Lanka,P8:3 x6.144m x 4.096m, 1×7.168mx4.096m ,p6: 1x 5.76mx3.84m, 10 x 3.84mX2.88m.


Total 15 pcs led display with 4 sizes and 2 material.

The project is from a very well-known insurance company in Sri Lanka, and they requires 15 led screens in their subsidiary company to show company information and events. At the begining, we just talked about P10 , When they knew that P8 and P6 have a better visual effect in their size, they decided to try P8 and P6.  They also would like to try different the material to make it. We always adjusted the solution according his requirement. After a period of negotiations, they were very satisfied with our solution, their manager was ready to visit our factory for further business. We took him to visit our production line, the aging workshop and  introduce our equipment to them, they was very satisfied with everything. Then they left their technique to learn how to adjust the screen here.

Till that time, we considered this order was almost into our pocket. The customer requires the L/C as terms of payment, We didnt pay more attention to the this request at first, so lost contact with them for a long time. Suddenly, we relialized that it is serious condition,so made a decision immediatly, visit them to Sri Lanka with our sincerity and solution. During this face- to-fact interview, we understand the further needs of customers, and decided to meet customer payment requirements, and finally get the customer's trust, they were very moved to our actions, so they decided to order to us.

when you have something need, maybe we can’t meet you requirement at that time, but we will make any effort to try. We Eachinled always committed to providing the best service and become your good business partner.

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