What kind of installation method is suitable for your led advertising billboard?

Large outdoor LED display is used in more and more applications, Do you know how many installation methods they have?

According to different application areas, the installation can be divided into: fixed installation, rental hoisting, stadium fence installation.
According to the user's use of different environments, installation methods are: wall-mounted, cantilevered, mosaic, column, standing, roof, mobile, stadium fence, leasing, arc and so on.



The following are the common six installation method:
1.Mounted onto wall



1. This installation is usually used for indoor or semi-outdoor.

2. Screen display area is small, generally donot stay maintenance channel space, the whole screen removed for maintenance, or made folding one frame.

3. screen body area slightly larger, generally used front service.design


2.One pillar
Usually be used for outdoor.
 one pillar: for small screen applications.

2. double pillar: for large-screen applications.

3. closed maintenance channel: for a simple cabinet.

4. Open maintenance channel: suitable for standard cabinet


1. This method is mostly used for indoor and semi-outdoor.

2. generally used for access, corridor entrance, there are stations, railway stations, subway entrance and so on.

3. for the use of highways, railways, highways for traffic guidance.

4.Mounted inside wall



1. simple cabinet design.
2. General maintenance (front maintenance)
3.used in indoor, outdoor , but the general use in small pixel pitch and small size screen.
4. generally used for building doors, building lobby and so on.

5.Fixed on ground



Applicable to indoor small dot size screen body.

1. display area is small.

2.The main typical application LED TV design.

6.Roof installation



The key is to wind resistance of this installtion method.
1. generally with a tilt angle installation, or the module is designed with an oblique 8 °.

2. used for outdoor advertising display.

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