Why curved led screen be more popular in nowaday?

Curved LED displays are different from traditional square led plane, they can perfectly suit with the installation environment and even completely blend into the installation background. They can design to be with different radian according different installation background, perfectly adapt to the structure shape. They are always more fashionable than normal led displays because of the smooth graceful cambered surface. They are also flexible and with wide visual angle. Due to the dynamically scanned and refreshed screen, the use of fewer light-emitting devices, extended service life, the cost is also significantly reduced.


Curved LED displays can be classified into many types, such as concave cambered surface displays and convex cambered surface displays, round cambered surface displays and oval cambered surface displays. The models are widely used as a visual medium of communication for performing companies, promotion specialists, retailers, exhibitors, public facility managers and training specialists. For the brand promotion, product service introduction and communication of business information has played a very good role in promoting.

The ways of designing and making curve led displays differ much according different radian. The radius matters much when we come to decide how to design the production process.

1.When the radius is longer than a meter, we can just make the cabinet to be oblong-shaped and vertical, when we assembly them, we need to adjust the angle between every two nearby cabinets by regulating the angle regulating valve. 

2.If the radian is shorter, the cabinet need to be designed to be curve, we must be careful when we assembly the modules. 

3.If the radian is shorter than 0.5 meter, we need to design special module, these modules should be Vertical strips. besides, we need to make the steel structure to be curve.

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